Saturday, June 27, 2009

Snwboard Mammoth Mountain CA

Mammoth Mountain is my favorite snowboarding spot within reason to my living peramaters. I currently reside in Southern CA and Mammoth is about a four and a half our car ride. The massive mountain has enough terrain to make the mountain pretty open for all type of riders

Some people come to Mammoth for our 150 trails. Others for our 3,100 feet of vertical. A few show-up with their sights set on exploring our 3,500 acres of terrain, while the size-matters crowd show up because we're the tallest ski resort in California with a peak elevation of 11,053 feet. Lovers of snow hang their helmets here because of our more than 400" of annual snowfall. Folks with family-sized bottles of sunscreen can't get enough of our more than 300 days of sunshine. With warmth like that, winter never gets old and sticks around for a long time -- our season typically runs from November until June. At a minimum. But the one thing everyone comes for is to play big. And there's no better venue on earth than Mammoth Mountain.

Mammoth Stats
  • Over 3,100 vertical feet
  • Over 3,500 skiable acres
  • Over 150 named trails
  • Over 300 days of sunshine per year
  • Top elevation: 11,053 feet
  • 28 lifts (includes 9 high speed quads, 2 high speed six-packs and 3 high speed gondolas)
  • Winter season: approx. Nov. to June

Friday, June 26, 2009

Snowboard Gloves - Keep Your Hands Warm

Snowboard gloves are the most important thing you will need to purchase when you are buying your equipment. Conditions aside, your hands are one of the things that are constantly in contact with the snow and tend to give most people trouble when snowboarding. Whether you are renting a board, borrowing gear or own your own setup, make sure when you hit the hill you are strapped up and warm for a good day.

In most cases nowadays, Snowboard gloves are waterproof and will do the job just fine. I would recommend going with at least a medium priced pair of Burton or Grenade gloves. They have worked the best for me in the past and have always kept my hands warm. A lot of the gloves on the market have removable glove liners so you can leave them in on cold days or remove them in the prime spring conditions. It doesnt usually matter the weather conditions if you choose to wear or not wear gloves. If you are one of the brave and hit the slopes bare handed, you may be in for a long day of boarding.

Overall, Do not go cheap on your snowboard gloves or you will regret your day on the hill